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Links to Metacurrency Resources

Dig deeper:

  • Our New Currency Frontiers Shared Blog
  • Our Ideas Web Site with interactive tools for developing a currency pattern language and cataloging currencies according to their design principles.
  • Our collaborative workstream on Log in and help us make MetaCurrency happen!

Other valuable resources from Metacurrency leaders:



A short presentation by Arthur Brock on Transitioning to the New Economy

Arthur Brock - Transitioning to the New Economy from Ben Levi on Vimeo.

A trailer for the up-and-coming Symbionomics Documentary, highlighting stories of the New Economy.

LandingPage from alan rosenblith on Vimeo.

Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard interviews Jean-François Noubel about free currency systems.

Free currencies : an evening talk with Barbara Marx Hubbard from TheTransitioner on Vimeo.