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Open Rules

"Open Rules" refers to a language held in the commons for describing, instantiating, and linking currencies.

Open Rules is about enabling currency designers to innovate and create all sorts of new currencies.  Open Rules are designed to accomplish three things.  The first is transparency.  In today’s world, startups of all kinds are embracing transparency as a way of building trust among their users.  An essential component of this design decision is having the rules that govern these currencies be transparent.  The second is adaptability.  The online space is one of rapid design cycles.  Currencies need to be easily adaptable to meet the changing needs of the communities they serve.  Open Rules provide a way to easily optimize a currency design while maintaining the transparency that users deserve.  The third is the ability to interlink currencies.  Having a shared language for expressing these rules will allow currencies to communicate and reference each other more fluidly, enabling a rich ecosystem of currencies that communicate across boundaries. 



MetaCurrency: Open Rules from alan rosenblith on Vimeo.