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MetaCurrency and Cyclos - Clarifications on Open

It has been requested that we try to describe the nuances of “open” and how the MetaCurrency Project compares with Cyclos in this department. I am not sure I am the best person to do this (Arthur and Eric are definitely more qualified), but here is my best attempt to describe the various types of openness we are talking about.

Open source is great. This means being able to openly access source code, change it, and share changes with a community of developers. Very awesome. And for Cyclos’ open sourceness I heartily applaud it.

HTTP and Metacurrency

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For anyone not paying attention to the Internet (and since you are reading this blog, I consider that highly unlikely), the last fifteen years have seen a massive transformation in almost all nooks of society due to this marvelous invention. The Internet itself has been around for decades in various guises, but it wasn’t until the advent of the World-Wide-Web (from now on “WWW”) that the Internet gained mainstream acceptance.

The Meaning of Open

I have been doing my best in recent weeks to drum up enthusiasm for creating an “open” economy. Here in Portland, I travel in both tech savvy and tech challenged circles. My experience has been that while the tech community really embraces “open” as a practice, the non-tech community seems a little bewildered. And what’s more, both communities seem to have confusion around applying the word “open” to anything currency-like. So here is my attempt at clearing the cobwebs.

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