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The Core of MetaCurrency: Composable Abstractions for Wealth Building

In this post over on his Symbionomics blog Alan Rosenblith nicely gets at the core of the MetaCurrency project by asking the question: "What would it take to make the role of 3rd party record keeping irrelevant?"

I love how projects can have many cores depending on the angle from which we approach them.  Here's the question that reveals my own very geeky approach toward a core of the MetaCurrency project: "What would it take to make currencies as powerful for building and sharing wealth, as language is for building and sharing meaning?"  

The answer to that question, I believe, lies in discovering/inventing a set of composable abstractions for wealth building.

To see what that might look like, lets examine how human language is built out of a multi-layered set of composable abstractions.  

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