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Enslavement to Currency

We recently recieved this inquiry:

To Fernanda and the team,

A few years ago, I was in close contact with a Greek friend by email. There was the beginning of the currency collapse in Greece which has only continued to worsen.

What we covered in our discussion was how to create a neighbourhood currency, how to establish exchange rules with the Euro in such a way as to subsume the Euro .. and the rules of entry and exit from the currency.

It became very clear to me that what we were building was a tool to enslave all who used that currency.

I terminated the discussion as soon as I saw that.

In the mean time, I now see how all currency is utilised to enslave.

How does your paradigm avoid that?

I thought the question was interesting, because it raises lots of issue about how the agreements a society runs by have such power over its members.  I responded with this:

Here's what's at the core of the MetaCurrency approach:

  1. We don't aim to provide an answer to how a community should measure and track it's value flows.  We aim to provide a "language" (or what we call an "expressive capacity") in which a community can, on an ongoing basis, express what it values and manifest that in a constellation of formal information token systems such that it can actually build, shape the flows that comprise that community such that it actually has the necessary richness in feedback to realize those values.  This is not possible in the current world of a unidimensional monetary system.
  2. We address "value" using a living-system model of wealth approach.  Thus, for us, almost all of these information token systems, are non-monetary, because monetary current-sees reflect the smallest portion of the wealth in that living-systems model.  Note the difference is spelling: current-see, a formal information system that allows a group to see, measure and shape currents, or flows.
  3. We are building a technological platform that is fundamentally (as a matter of fact, not fiat) not subject to enclosure of the commons by a central party, and thus moves us away from the current oppositional dynamic between the individual and the group.  This allows us to build towards what we call a Sovereign Accountable Commons, in which there is a kind of mutual sovereignty of the individual and the collective, much like exists in your body between your cells and your whole self.


We think this approach is not about enslavement.

If you wish to dig deeper, here's a good place to start: