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About Us

Starting Point

The metacurrency project seeks to build a platform and protocol standards that will allow for multiple and interoperable currencies to exist on the Internet.

The Metacurrency Project was started by Eric Harris-Braun and Arthur Brock when we merged our efforts (Open Money and OS-Earth respectively) in developing the technology platform required for building the new and open economy.

Other early leaders in the project are Alan Rosenblith, Fernanda Ibarra, Adam King and Jean-Francois Noubel. 

Teams and Participants


Meta-Currency Introductory Video

Audio Editing: Alan Rosenblith

Video Production: Alan Rosenblith

Voices: Fernanda Ibarra, Arthur Brock, Eric Harris-Braun


  • Arabic: Wael AlSaad
  • Czech: Jan Zemanek
  • English: Alan Rosenblith
  • French: Etienne Zoupic
  • German: Georg Pleger
  • Spanish:

"Polyresolver" Planning

Designing unenclosable identity and addressing approaches: Owen Davis, Michael Mell, Arthur Brock & Eric Harris-Braun.

Game Theory and XGFL Planning

Creating the starting point for a game format language: Adam King & Eric Harris-Braun

Decentralized Tamper-Proof Database Platform (Open Data)

Building CongoDB as a Metacurrency compliant data engine: Mike Buland